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How to Participate in the Great Awakening

We feel a Great Awakening is occurring now in human history. It comes at a time of much advancement in science and technology, which has created good and bad consequences.

There has been much real global progress. It’s measurable and ongoing: overall women’s education has increased, global poverty is decreasing, child labor is down, deaths from war is declining and much more heartening news. Yes, the news does highlight violence, and there are so many gun deaths in the US.

And even though there are fewer deaths from wars, there are actually more civil conflicts (battles within countries and opposing groups). This troubling pattern of more civil conflict between groups is part of what we will be considering here.

And then there is the preservation of the overall earthly environment. While we continue to make strides to protect our planet by how we treat it, there are still many threats to our planet’s very existence itself. To quote silent film comedians Oliver and Hardy, “it’s another nice mess” we’ve gotten ourselves into.  As background here, the comic film duo would get in one mishap after another, due to carelessness and circumstances.

How to Clean Up Our Mess

How then do get out of this mess and awaken? To assist, we can remember Star Trek’s mission “to boldly go where no man [or woman] has gone before!”

It may seem an overwhelming challenge but take heart with Margaret Mead’s well-known quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

There are many descriptions for what is occurring now before our eyes: a tipping point, shifting to a new reality, ascending to a higher dimension. It’s quite evident that we are facing a turbulent outer world, marked by growing contrasts. This “metacrisis” is a term for the many divisions simultaneously facing us, in culture, sex, race, geography amidst challenging environmental problems.

So what can we – and specifically you – do during this time of extremes and widening divisions? Here are six ways you can positively contribute to the great awakening.

1. Be open and willing to participate.

It can be understandable to at times feel lost or overwhelmed. Yet you can still step up, however nervously or slowly. You can play a part, one only you can play.

Remember, you have unique talents and experiences that you can use for awakening yourself, others and the planet. With your commitment to step up, opportunities will present themselves.

2. Follow your heart.

Although the world has advanced through science and technology, it has also suffered incalculable damage in the process. The left-brain, bigger-is-better approach of domination – of people and nature – has taken its toll.

To put things into balance, its crucial now to follow your heart.  Your heart opens your compassion and connectedness.  It also links to the right-brain with an intuitive, big-picture approach. It develops in you what HeartMath Institute calls “heart intelligence.”

This feminine approach gives profound connection and knowingness to your life. It balances the heavy, destructive elements that so often come from functioning in the status quo.

Research has show how we receive many benefits from opening our heart, harmonizing it, creating smoother coherent rhythms. These profound benefits include greater learning, making better choices, and expanding our options. Furthermore, a calm heart promotes more intuition, creativity, and age reversal. With an abundant heart, you receive more light and love from higher dimensions. In turn, you can radiate out that heart-centered awareness in your life.

3. Your purpose is your service.

Your purpose is what you are here to do, aligned with your soul’s plan.  Physician author Gabor Mate suggests that you ask, “Are you following a calling or are you driven? If you are following a calling you are in charge.”

Your purpose tells you the best ways to serve yourself and others. It could be through communication, art, research, leadership helping others, or some combination.  Also your purpose keeps changing and evolving as you do. For example, when we first followed our heart by delving into holistic, spiritual growth in our thirties, we learned new skills and knowledge; we honed our talents.  We started offering spiritual coaching-healing individual sessions and taught classes.

We still do that today, but we have grown and times have changed, sometimes dramatically so.  Our horizons have widened too. This included going beyond barriers of fear and doubt and taking leaps of faith at times.

4. Clean up your consciousness and karma.

Central to awakening is finding those blind spots that block your view and keep you asleep. To get clear, monitor your thoughts, feelings and actions. Here then are some important questions to keep asking yourself.

Where are you reactive?  What drains you and causes negative reactions?  These reveal clues and doorways to awakening. You can use energy-healing to transform yourself and make yourself a lighter vessel for awakening.

5. Stay above the fray.

In a world of dualities, it’s good to consider both sides and do juggling when needed. Consider different and opposing views. From a heart-centered place, you can rise above the good and bad to find answers and peace.

You can then bring higher knowing and vibrations to current events and the divisive culture wars. You can go beyond accepted scientific and cultural views that can hold you down and limit your possibilities. Opening your heart and mind helps you live in a freer space. It helps you to act more wisely and lovingly.

6. Connect with your spiritual family.

You have both outer and inner spiritual families. Externally, these are people who support you and that you can support.  They may be found in online and offline places. These like-minded people may be directly participating in the great awakening as well.

On an internal level, you have your loving soul always available, guiding and nurturing you. It helps you summon the courage and commitment to be and become more. You also have higher guides and angelic support

Watch Out for This Pattern

Here’s something to watch out for:  Sometimes we automatically follow others, the mass consensus.  We go along with the status quo unthinkingly, trying to be safe, staying in familiar territory. In effect, we follow like obedient children what others are saying and doing. We reflexively avoid the unknown with its fears and supposed dangers.

Yet it’s good to remember that our societal system can be based on fear and limitation. It’s important to recognize these arbitrary restrictions that box us in conventional way of thinking and doing. So, what can we do to break free of these barriers? It may call for some courage and to set some intentions. This means challenging the status quo at times in order to transcend its fixed boundaries. Using intent and awareness, we find the higher ground to light our way.

For example, be careful of using absolutes. (”He never does ___:” “They always _______.”) This approach tends to be fear-based and melodramatic. It also fosters “us vs them” reactions. Instead ask questions like “What else is possible?”

Here’s what’s good to remember: there are many ways to do things and many perspectives.  See what feels right for you. Let your heart and intuition guide you as you sense the bigger picture. Take that in… breathe and exhale… and gain some stillness and clarity.

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Final Thoughts on The Great Awakening

Using the above six components will help you navigate the metacrisis. It will motivate you to participate in enlightening approaches and being a positive presence. To integrate these components, you might want to review the six components above. As you awaken, your energy elevates. You align with more loving vibrations. That more aware, nonjudgmental loving energy is then available to you — and though you — in your actions, thoughts and feelings.

To conclude, you can only awaken you. We often forget that we can’t make anyone else wake up. We all have free will and are on an individual journey.  But we are all connected too. Problems are solved by greater awareness: with more light comes new possibilities and solutions.

So as you awaken, your create a more favorable environment – a higher vibration — for everyone to live in. Remember here’s what you can do: You can participate in the great awakening to make the world a brighter place, so people can see more, be more and love more easily.

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