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Self-Help and Self-Improvement Resources on the Leading Edge

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There couldn’t be a better time for self-help and self-improvement. With so many resources online, there are more opportunities than you can possibly take. The key is to be on the leading edge, where you’ll find the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable possibilities.

We’ve been there ourselves, seeking solutions to the kinds of problems so many people face – limited time, limited resources, too much hurry and worry, confusion, stress, etc., etc. Our lives weren’t working and none of the conventional approaches seemed to be very effective.

Our search for better lives took us to the leading edge of personal and spiritual development. That’s where we found the most powerfully effective ways to create the lives we desired, the lives we were born to life.

Maybe you feel the same way…


How You Can Have More Confidence

How to Have More Confidence. Find out three easy ways to boost your confidence now.

How do you gain more confidence?

Phillip Mountrose discusses in this short, concise video three ways to improve your confidence.

  1. Recognize where you are and are not confident
    Consider the four main areas of work, relationships, money and health
  2. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t.
    To succeed, make your affirmations believable and achievable. Instead of “I am debt free,” “I can take steps to get out of debt.”
    Chunk it down.
  3. Accept that you are more confident in some areas than others. Appreciate and bolster the strong areas; be realistic and make efforts to improve where you are weak.

A Special Course For Building More Confidence …

To get more tips, tools and skills for building confidence and self-esteem, see our Confidence Building ToolKit Course here

This powerful approach to building confidence includes targeting audios and email confidence laser coaching follow up.