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Success Secret: Create a Vision of What You Want

There’s a saying that a people without a vision will perish. How about a person without a vision?

We interviewed success coach Kate Beeders on our blogrtalk radio show on “How to Create a Vision of What You Want with EFT.”

Here are some of the insights we shared on this all-important topic:

* If you haven’t written a vision for your life, it should be a priority. It will fuel your purpose and make your life much more fulfilling and meaningful.

* Start with an overview. Get a bigger idealistic picture of what you want, how you see the world and the part you can play.  Enlist your gifts and skills to passionately move you forward.

* Your vision’s components include:

  • know what you want
  • note the emotions connected with your vision
  • state your vision in the present tense, as if you are currently living it
  • consider what it will give you.

* Be sure your vision is believable and realistic. You will reject too big a vision. You can always enlarge it as you progress. To test your vision’s believability, evaluate how much do you believe it will happen at some point. Your conviction should be around a 10 or redraft your vision, scale it back for now.

* Find your vision in your own heart; it’s not about following others’ advice.

* Create your personal vision today, if you don’t have one already. Find ways to measure daily progress:

  • Commit to a few things to progress your vision each day
  • Talk about successes daily and be grateful
  • As you connect more and more with your vision, expressing it and following it, your vibration will rise.


The old ways are crumbling as new ones emerge. This is an amazing time for heart-centered people and entrepreneurs.

It’s a great time to create and collaborated. There’s more than enough for everybody. Take advantage of it!

To hear the blogtalk radio show on Creating Your Vision  with EFT  go to http://blogtalkradio.com/eftclass


Phillip and Jane Mountrose