Four Tips for a More Meaningful Life

puzzle questionHow do you live life to the fullest? Over the years, we have found certain ideas and practices that make a big difference.

1. Direct your imagination.

Interestingly, we are continuously imagining. But much of the time it is not what we would like to intend. The idea is to direct your imaginings – what you internally see, hear and feel – towards a positive outcome.

For example, what do you imagine about your health?
purpose or anything you want?

Here is how you gauge it: by your first response.

Are you immediately sensing good stuff or bad? Do you see yourself healthy, prosperous and fulfilled, or sick, poor and lonely?

It’s important to fill your imagination with positive things, with what you want, not what you wish to avoid.

If you train yourself with positive inner pictures, words and emotions, you feel good.

If you build a healthy imagination, those images-words-feelings will prevail. Then they will more likely manifest in your everyday experiences.

As a consequence, it’s easier to believe and act on the good stuff.  Creative, positive visualization works wonders – try it!

2. Deal with challenges

While it’s good to optimize your success and the fun and games of living, there are challenges that come our way. Negative thoughts and difficult experiences occur. They can be warning signs, showing you it’s time to change.

Having negative emotions can serve you if you are aware of them without judging yourself.

The full range of thoughts and emotions, both positive and negative, are part of the human experience. Negativity can lead to positive change, including breakthroughs and creative solutions. Doubts and fears can motivate us to grow and create.

We use EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology as go-to techniques to clear what’s in the way. Learn these and other healing tools and remember to use them.

By dealing with challenges, you move forward, becoming stronger and more resilient.

3. Tolerate Uncertainty

Things are not always black and white. There is a lot of gray and it can take patience to sort things out and see what emerges.

You can plant the seed and nurture it. But who knows if and how it will grow. Plus it takes time. Life in general is far more unpredictable than a garden as well.

Cultivate patience:

… find a way

4. Say “Yes”

Say “yes” to what you want. Yes is a powerful word and energy. Say it aloud to your positive goals and desires.

Say yes to [you can fill in some of the blanks]…

radiant health such as ___________________
prospering life, including ______________________
wonderful relationships, such as _________________
meaningful work and career with __________________
deeper purpose

The word “yes” can supercharge your energy and help you focus.

We even created a “Happy Tap Technique with EFT” technique around the word “yes.”


We think the above four tips — directing your imagination, dealing with challenges, tolerating uncertainty and saying yes — can help you go a long way towards a more fulfilled life.

Don’t you think that if life is about the journey, you might as well enjoy it and make the most of it? Use these four tips to enjoy the ride.


Phillip and Jane Mountrose