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How to Create More Freedom in Your Life: 6 Steps with EFT

How do you create more freedom in your life?  Turn up your speakers and WatchThisVideo2

In the above short video, Dr. Phillip Mountrose leads you on the Path to Freedom, using EFT tapping and 6 specific steps. Includes overcoming obstacles using the EFT tapping technique.

Creating freedom in your life is about being, doing, having more? But this needs to be done consciously if we wish to benefit and benefit others as well.

Consider the following steps outlined in this short engaging video above.

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  • Determine what you want. Where do you want more freedom.
  • Go about it in a grounded and aligned way. Following your heartfelt desires will put you on the right path. In other words, your freedom should not restrict others.
  • Venture out on your path to more freedom. Take the action steps necessary. Get a plan and strategize, realizing you can never exactly know how it will occur. Trust and experiment to find the freedom you are seeking.
  • Clear obstacles in the way. Using EFT tapping is a great tool to overcome the fears, doubts and resistance you inevitable encounter as you go into uncharted territory.
  • Experience the new freedom. Really live the freedom you desired. Savor and appreciate the new life you have richly created for yourself.
  • Celebrate. Pop open the champagne, or whatever, to tell yourself and the universe that you are consciously blessed to be more free, living more freedom.


You deserve the freedom.  Create more freedom in your life today. Pass it on!