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Reflections on Your Life Plan

Considering Your Life

If you step back and consider your life as a whole for a moment, a deeper awareness can emerge.

You realize you are on a lifelong journey, the author or hero of the story that you are now creating.

That your life could be part of a bigger picture ─ something beyond a sense of time and space and material, physical things ─ is an awakening in itself.

In this moment, you can awaken to a greater you, a deeper meaning, a bigger context. a greater life.


The Scientific View

Let’s start with considering how the mainstream consensus might view a life plan. The materialistic, scientific view has much to offer and teach us. However, when it comes to this bigger picture, this “hard problem of consciousness” can result in a narrow view, a distorted picture that often prevails.

Materialistic science it largely based on three elements. It often reduces everything to measurable items; it contends that life is random; it also proposes that our brain creates the world, including consciousness even though they have no credible idea how this occurs.

Yet even science knows that our senses just give us a limited understanding of reality. For example, our eyes can only see a fraction of the light rays that surround us. Visible light is just a tiny fraction of the spectrum of light waves that exists.

Going further, astronomers estimate most of the cosmos is hidden from sight, 96% mysteriously composed of dark matter and dark energy

Also, science shows that atoms are over 99% empty space. What seems solid, on another level is merely empty space.

So the world -- both outside of us and inside of us -- is mostly unknown. In other words, our everyday experience of what we see just gives a tiny glimpse of what even exists according to current research.

If what we think we know is limited, sometimes misleading, then what about the larger, more metaphysical questions? How then can we understand what we are doing here, why are we living life on earth? It seems like an obvious question, one that is hidden in plain sight.

Evidence of Life Independent of the Brain

This takes us to our soul embodying itself for certain reasons (more on this in a moment). Part of the evidence for life beyond physical existence comes from genuine mediums and channels and your own soul’s guidance.

Part of life beyond earth can be explored in deep hypnosis that takes people to pre-birth stages and in other unearthly realms.

Other indicators of a transcendent world comes from near-death experiences (NDE).

The question near-death experiencers bring us, as Dr. Pim Van Lommel, MD, cardiologist points out, “How can people experience an exceptionally lucid consciousness during a period of temporary loss of all measurable brain function?”

Such unearthly experiences have existed for centuries. Near-death studies, though, are relatively recent. Evidence of people having lucid experiences who almost died or were clinically dead is being increasingly reported.

In ancient cultures, like Egypt, Greece and Tibet, there are books of the dead and accounts of afterlife experience and insights. Near-death experiences occur in every part of the world with people of all ages.

What does this evidence point to? Life exists beyond the brain and consciousness functions on multiple levels, often mysteriously. The universe’s mysteries leave many traces and profound truths for us to discover.

Life exists beyond the brain and consciousness functions on multiple levels, often mysteriously. The universe’s mysteries leave many traces and profound truths for us to discover.

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To sum up at this point, even science confirms there is much beyond the strictly material and physical, which can be partly measured by our current capabilities. This takes us to where our soul originated, the transcendent world beyond conventional time and space.

Your Soul’s Plan

Your soul interacts with your body. This timeless essence guides you (often subtly or behind-the-scenes). By awakening to its existence, you can more consciously create with the soul and use its guidance and energy.

However, you don’t have to have a near-death experience to connect with your soul, as meditation, developing your intuition and purpose and other means are available.

Here are some reflections on your life plan, as designed by your soul with input from the invisible realm (guides, angels, masters and more).

* We take on a body to experience the world through our senses. This can be enjoyable, thrilling and revealing. On the other hand, we can take our senses for granted, forget to smell the roses. We can also get lost in material cravings.

* The hardships we experience in life are profound teachers for us. Loss of a loved one, an illness, or a financial challenge can produce a post-traumatic growth or soulful evolution if we use it accordingly, in spite (or because) of its difficulty.

For example, we lost a substantial sum in real estate during the 2008 inflationary bubble. When it popped, like many people, we were left paying thousands of dollars to the bank, rather than getting a return on the investment.

What did this financial maelstrom teach us? A few hard-won lessons: to be compassionate to oneself and others who suffer financial stress, knowing that many people have it much worse. Also, we learned to follow our heart more, including when investing (along with due diligence).

* The soul inherently wants to grow and learn. It’s a part of the divine – that is growing too. As above, so below. Our soul’s growth entails healing, supporting others and creativity.

* There is no "pass" or "fail" grade, yet part of our journey is to learn discernment and refinement, as we continue to raise our vibration. The pace is up to us. Younger souls may have harsher lessons and take longer to resolve issues, perhaps causing havoc in the process.

And there is also the option to resist or avoid learning, and stay where you are, even compounding the situation. At some point you do “get it,” learn the lesson ─ in this lifetime or another.

* You have a purpose or dharma. By using your gifts and skills, you can craft a fulfilling life. You can reach your greater potential, your brightest future. By learning to listen to the soul and to follow your heart, much progress can be made.

* Connecting with your plan and purpose is a moment-to-moment affair. Each moment is a part of your experience. This includes the ebb and flow of your life.

Connecting with your plan and purpose is a moment-to-moment affair. Each moment is a part of your experience. This includes the ebb and flow of your life."

* As circumstances unfold, you have different options to fulfill your plan. There are different ways to succeed and follow your soulful intention to create a fulfilling life.

To use an analogy, there are many ways to get from one place to another. You can choose a variety of routes and means of transportation to arrive at your destination.

So too with your life plan. You keep staying in the moment, keeping the big picture in mind, and making the most with what you have and where you feel being led and directed.

Questions to Understand Your Life Plan

So what are some practical ways to take this information and apply it? One is to answer the following questions (best to write down your answers):

* What are my most significant relationships and how in balance are they?
-- Congratulate yourself where you feel successful or progressing, and make note of areas that still need improvement.

* What are your best accomplishments, what in life do you feel very proud of?

* Is there any other area in need of healing or exploring?

This exercise can be the start of a meditation or a coaching/healing session – or areas to prioritize.

Final Thoughts 

Having a physical body has its pluses and minuses. It’s part and parcel of our spiritual body living in a physical one. In the process, we are afforded much experience, learning, healing and creating.

We wish to return briefly to discussing near-death experiences because they reveal key elements that are part of understanding your life plan.

As noted in researcher Mark Gober’s book An End to Upside Down Thinking, near-death experiencers commonly report:

-- Feeling tremendous love, peace and joy

-- Experiencing mystical feelings of oneness

-- Encountering heavenly landscapes and brilliant light of exquisite beauty and peace

-- Connecting with divine beings and deceased relatives and friends

-- Learning about universal order and life purpose

-- A “life review” where in a timeless flash they non-judgmentally evaluate their life and can understand how those around them were affected

The above elements suggest that there is a reason for living our life and we are provided many clues, some of them cited in this article itself.

It reminds us of William Wordsworth soulful account of life on earth:

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
…But trailing clouds of glory do we come”

Some people can live relatively asleep to their soul’s plan, only perhaps awakening at key decisive moments in their life.

For others, probably people like you since you are reading this article, awakening to what you are doing here and reaching your potential is a priority.

Then life makes sense and is a sacred journey, more noticeably filled with laughter, tears, aha’s, learning, growing and healing. After all, your heart and soul hold the key.