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Your Brightest Possible Future

Even in these times that try men’s souls, we seek an optimal future. The current challenges can inspire us to rise up and envision a better – a much better —world.

What kind of future do you want to live in? To answer this all-important question, here’s some help. Fill in this sentence:

“I want to live in a more ____________ world.”

Now imagine your personal journey through this awesome future.

The more you can craft an optimal future, the better for you and for the world. Your optimal experiences can reverberate in wonderful, unfathomable ways.

If you are a holistic-minded, heart-centered person, you have certain priorities. You want to make the world a more connected, loving place.

What you contribute, how you live your life, can make the difference. So as you elevate your life, the world around you grows and flourishes too. As you rise to greater vibratory heights, your perspective expands.

The Bright Future Creates the Present 

As you seek more freedom, meaning and depth in your future, you integrate this awareness into your present. Hence the future shapes your present.

For your exciting, future life, where do you want more freedom?

Your career and calling

Your abundance (resources, finances, funds)

Your time (more work/life balance and play time)

Your environment (your home, workplace, travel)

Your relationships (communication, ease, joy and laughter)

Your Brightest Future 

Now let’s put your possibilities into clearer terms. To get clarity, note the following for yourself:

+ What does your brightest future look like (settings, people)?

+ What do you hear (sounds, messages)?

+ What do you feel and sense in your body about it?

Now take your future and pick a color or symbol for it. Write this down and keep it nearby as a reminder.

“Anything is Possible” 

One of our students did the Brightest Possible Future Process that we teach in our Coach Healer Program.  A few weeks afterwards, he found a better job at double the income.

As we say in our Miracle Reframe Process, “Anything is possible and miracles are happening now.”

Final Thoughts on Your Bright Future

This is the time to head toward a great future, in spite of how it might look at the present time.

You have now reached beyond your fears, seeing the bigger picture and brighter possibilities.  You have that light shine upon your current situation. Once you have a sense of where you are headed, you gain optimism and positive momentum. You feel your feet on the ground.  You also marvel at the sky overhead.

You know good things are on the way. You will use your gifts, talents and skills to make a difference.

Pause now… and take in the wonderful experiences and people that are around the bend, part of your brightest possible future.