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Fear of Selling and Spiritual Growth

Do you enjoy selling?  Well some people do. Many others, particularly holistically minded people, find selling doesn’t come naturally to them. They may have many negative associations about selling. They may even have a strong fear of selling (selling out?).

Yet what’s most important here,  looking at the big picture, it becomes apparent that selling is part of the spiritual journey to wholeness. Thus it’s good to face any fears or contradictions around this area of our lives.

What is Selling?

Part of the confusion with selling is that it has two definitions. One has to do with persuading people, the other has to do with transferring goods or services in exchange for money. Each can present challenges, especially when money is involved.

From the persuading perspective, we can learn from the title of Daniel Pink’s book To Sell is Human. Although one in nine Americans work in sales, the idea of convincing people extends throughout everyone’s life.

If we recommend a movie or restaurant to a friend, we are promoting to them. If we are convincing a child to behave or excel, we are trying to persuade. We are selling or promoting all the time.

The challenge particularly weighs in when money is involved. So if we get a commission for recommending a movie or restaurant and our friend followed suit, then how would we feel about recommending it?

Then we may become fearful that we are manipulating people, using them for our selfish ends. We may hearken back to when we have been “sold a bill of goods.” In other words, we are concerned about when we have been taken advantage of. We wouldn’t want anyone to think we would being doing a disservice to them.

Certainly, you are not a swindler and your motivations are intended to help others, even if they help you too. Whether you gain financially or not, the recommendation remains the same. If money is involved, are your motives less pure, somehow suspect, even if you truly believe in what you are promoting?

A pause here… Money is a complex archetype, holding many positive and negative elements, from stinginess to generosity, from greed to freedom, from restricting resources to creating them. It depends how you use money and how you sell. All of that is examinable, fluid and changeable.

A Holistic Practice or Heart-Based Business

Many holistic practitioners and heart-centered business people feel drawn to helping people and the planet with their offerings. Along the way, money can be a big stumbling block.

In our Holistic Coach and Healing Course with EFT, we have developed a coaching wheel called the Wheel of Fortune. that we developed. This particular pie-shaped wheel is divided into eight areas around the subject of money.

Buying and Selling or Giving and Receiving is one of those eight areas that affect people. If you score yourself low in this area, it means selling is a weak area for you. You may have troubles in giving and receiving too.

As we help people to get clear in selling, we find common blocks in creating, attracting and receiving money.

  • Fear of criticism and rejection by others
  • Fear of selling out, being corrupt and greedy
  • Feeling unable to sell for various personal reasons (such as genetics, intelligence, looks, experience, family background)

A person we helped,  whom we’ll call Alan, who was struggling with how to offer his holistic coaching and healing services. We helped him arrive at this affirmation doing Holistic EFT, “Even though I feel inauthentic and pretentious when I sell, I can blossom into fully expressing myself and living my truth.”

Those were his words, so he deeply aligned with them, both the first part expressing blocks, and the second affirmative part. After a few rounds of tapping, he had a better perspective on what selling is and how he can find the right way for himself. We also helped him take action steps to go forward.

Soul-Aligned Vision

By becoming more soul-centered, you’ll experience the world from a higher perspective. The separation that fear of selling generates dissolves and you rise above the real or imagined battlefield of selling.

From a higher perspective, you value yourself and what you have and can offer. You see yourself contributing to the whole. As fear and separation disappears, your gifts, talents and interests shine through. It’s easier to find resources that you need to succeed too.

Finding the Right Combination

Part of selling comes from having the skills and knowledge of how to sell, how to offer your products and services to those who can use them.

At first, we were very awkward about expressing our offering. Newbies are inexperienced, plus a heavy fear-laden mindset about selling gets in the way. Learning how to be in a more reliably positive place helps.

We wrote about some easy strategies to boost your spirits in our short Kindle book Tap into the Power of Love and Happiness with EFT: 12 Simple Ways to Have A Great Day Every Day.

With being mindful of our attitude combined with study and experience, we figured out how to offer our services and trainings  to those who were interested. Like Alan – the person we mentioned helping earlier – we felt more authentic and aligned with “living our truth” (a term that hasn’t reached the mass consciousness yet).

Here are some additional affirmations you can say or tap:

I can do it

I can find a way

I have much to offer to those who are interested

For more help we have an online training on How to Market Your Holistic Practice.

Final Thoughts

You might not be a “natural” salesperson. We weren’t. Yet we had a strong motivation to learn the mindset and the skills to succeed.

If your purpose involves selling (persuading people and exchanging goods or services for money), then you have a vital stake in learning how to become comfortable with selling. It may be quite awkward at first, we know. But if your purpose is important enough, it’s worth going through the learning curve.

[pullquote align=”normal”]If your purpose involves selling (persuading people and exchanging goods or services for money), then you have a vital stake in learning how to become comfortable with selling.” [/pullquote]

You’ll learn a lot ─ about yourself, others, psychology and even spiritual growth in the process.

Don’t sell your soul. Sell with your soul and all its blessings.