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What Lights You Up?

What lights you up?  What brings a smile to your face, straightens your posture, makes you lean forward and ready to go?

Our dear friend and colleague Micah Blacklight discussed activating your creative spirit on a past Soulful Living Show. He emphasized finding ways to embody a space that lights you up, which serves yourself and others. This light-you-up spot is the “happy point, the juice.”

The phrase “what lights you up” contains many wonderful elements. Let’s unpack four of its treasures, so we can use them to create an extraordinarily fulfilling life.

As a note, know that the “lighting up” can come from within or without. Internally, we may get sparked by a thought, feeling, memory or energy state. Externally, we might connect with a person, place, event or thing.

What lights you up has all of the following elements: 

1. Having more energy and enthusiasm 

What gets you going, moves you quickly out of bed and keeps you on track?

It can be a multifaceted activity like a project, such as writing a book or giving a class. Or you can generate good feelings like hope, enthusiasm and bliss from the way you live your life.

Tapping into your higher energy is a wonderful part of your journey ─ something to appreciate, value and use as a reference.

2. Getting inspiration

 “Inspire” includes the original meaning of “to breathe into.”

Consider what can you can take in that makes you feel good in a healthy way. What works for you and leads you to where you want to go, helping you to become who you want to be?

Inspiration can come from a beautiful building, clouds in the sky, a poignant movie, a stunning picture, spine-tingling music, an endearing pet, a transformative meditation… just to name a few.

Suddenly, you then feel part of something larger. You see things from a higher perspective, and your world expands.

You then feel yourself in the moment.

You are now living your life in the world, even though you are also aware that you are not of this world. In effect, you are following your heart.

3. Following your passion and calling

Things you really enjoy light you up. If you keep following this light and connect the dots, your passions are get embodied and your purpose unfolds.

You hear the music of your soul and your life. The world becomes more enchanting, even if still very challenging at times. But this light infuses life with wonder, delight and creativity.

4. Having focus and relaxed alertness

Even though you are lit up, you still can be calm and alert, focusing on what you desire and in the moment.  As you are lit up, you can see more and can be more.

You can interrupt and avoid momentums.  You can prioritize and give attention to what is important.  Letting go and realizing that much is unnecessary, you tune out the noise. You tune into the signals that matter.

Getting Lit Up Exercise

It may be easy to connect and get lit up— or it may be difficult getting started.  Maybe you are in a tough place, dealing with stress, loss, or lack of meaning. If nothing inspirational comes to mind, here is a suggestion.

Get centered (breathe and be quiet for a moment).  Then write a list on what might light you up.  Consider the following:

Being with people you like and love

Learning (reading, media, podcasts, researching)


Being creative (artwork, music, writing, filming, giving classes)


Spiritual inner work: meditation, soul centering, retreats, nature walks

Use you list as a reference going forward.

Final Thoughts 

With following the light, your world lights up. Sometimes it is a fireworks, sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel.

[pullquote align=”normal”]With following the light, your world lights up. Sometimes it is a fireworks, sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel.” [/pullquote]

You stay with it. Life is a journey, not a sprint. As you follow the light, much comes into view, including new discoveries and synchronicities.

To recap, your lit-up energy can boost and even supercharge your life. It gives you energy, inspiration, purpose and focus.

So what lights you up?  Find a light, however small or seemingly insignificant. Whatever it is ─ which can change and evolve from moment to moment ─ follow it. Your life will never be the same.