Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence: Keys to Your Best Life

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In our work as holistic coaches and trainers, we continue to be amazed and inspired by the way everything is connected. Within each of us, a beautiful wholeness – an integration of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit – is occurring as our awareness of our true identities emerges.

We all want to create the best life ever and here’s the key. Everything in our inner and outer experience is significant in relation to the big picture of who we really are: wonderful spiritual beings who are here for a reason, each with dreams and unique gifts to share.

Isn’t the Thought of Creating the Best Life Ever Inspiring?

The transformational potential of your emotional and spiritual intelligence is a key factor in the quality of your life. This potential also applies to your intelligence at the mental and even physical levels of our being.

Exploring these vast inner resources has taken us into new territories and higher heights that have transformed countless lives. With a holistic approach, we’ve seen that you can become aware of how the body, emotions, mind, and spirit contain pieces of the puzzle of who you are and why you are here.

Awareness is a key for creating our best life and every part of your being can support you in wonderful ways when you learn how to access our true intelligence and potential.

Overcoming the Top Three Energy Blocks

Clearing emotional and energy blocks is essential for personal and professional growth and self-development.

There are many obstacles as we progress through life. Some energy or emotional blocks are common– yet they can be quite obstinate to remove, even if hidden in plain sight.

They can stop you in your tracks. Here are three big, common showstoppers and a way to overcome each of them.

1. Pleasing

Being likable and agreeable can be part of your social graces. But it can also be an anxiety-producing tendency: to be accepted and liked no matter what.

Accelerated Spiritual Awakening and Transformation: Three Shortcuts

Many on the spiritual journey long for a deep spiritual transformation. We’ve been there and maybe you have, too. As we advance spiritually, we stretch limits to reach into the unknown and awaken to the divine presence of the soul. Within each of us, a beautiful butterfly is waiting to emerge.

Spiritual Transformation Butterfly

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.

– Richard Bach

We often describe spiritual awakening and transformation as a reality shift or paradigm shift. As the caterpillar grows wings and learns to fly, each of us evolves and rises from one plane or perspective on reality to another, where everything is more expansive. We call this the Ultimate Paradigm Shift in our book and course by the same name.

What does Spiritual Awakening and Transformation Involve?

This has been a key question and area of fascination for us over the years. We’ve explored the nature of the spiritual journey as seekers, coaching and healing students, then innovators and experts. We’ve always had a keen interest in spiritual transformation, along with the stages each of us must pass through as we awaken to our true identities.

We’ve studied a variety of spiritual traditions, scientific breakthroughs, and leading-edge perspectives. Like many people, we experimented with different things, and discovered that many are dead ends or slow roads that don’t seem to be worth traveling. Fortunately, for the last 20 years since we started Awakenings Institute, we’ve had the benefit of observing how transformation occurs in hundreds of our own students and clients.

What We Found

Create More By Doing Less

Hands Creating More Light

Create more by doing less? There is a “value of doing nothing,” as Pooh’s Little Instruction Book noted.

First, let’s clarify. What does it mean “to do” something? In today’s world doing is often filled with a crammed list of activities. We end up being overscheduled and overworked.

Multitasking, we seemingly “do” a lot, but we often sacrifice quality for quantity, swept up in a daily momentum. In truth, we are always “doing” something. But what is it we are actually doing?

As we dig deeper here, let’s see if we can figure out this unsolved “mystery of doing.”

Mental and Emotional Blocks: How “Set Points” Keep You Stuck

Emotional and Mental Healing Quote

By Jane Mountrose, with Phillip Mountrose

Have you ever put effort into losing weight, improving your financial future, or realizing a dream and ended up back where you started? Nothing could be more frustrating. This kind of situation can also take a hit on your self-esteem, leaving you feeling like a failure.

Maybe you want to have better health, more prosperity, or supportive relationships, but somehow your dream seems to evade you at every turn. If this is happening, you may have encountered an emotional or mental block, a “set point” that keeps you stuck. We know how annoying this can be, because we’ve been there ourselves in our careers, our health, and our ability to prosper doing the work we love.

Our struggle with set points took us on an enlightening journey where we discovered the keys we and so many people with dreams of better lives are seeking.

7 Transformational Habits for Spiritually Minded People

Transformational tips and tools…

A growing number of people want to bring more spiritual depth into their work and life. Here are seven practical ways:

1. Follow your heart.

Your heart is more than just a muscle that pumps blood. It connects with and informs the brain. What’s more, it connects with your soul. “The heart is … the light of truth,” as Ramana Maharishi said.

Your heart opens you to your inner truth and wisdom. Your heart, in effect, becomes your own personal wayshower, showing you how to live and love more fully. “You gotta have heart…”

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”

— Antoine de Saint Exuper

Are You Competitive?

“Competition”– what does that bring to mind?

Are you competitive? Too competitive or not competitive enough? Or does it depend? And what is competition?

This article is about understanding competition, so you may use it in the bigger picture to help yourself and others.

rocks-balance-smallThere are many areas included within “competition,” and it’s not all back or white. Let’s explore some of the important distinctions to understand, which can make a big difference in your daily life and lifetime.

To get a fuller picture, it helps to see the other side of competition: cooperation. You could consider these two approaches as

Your Life Purpose: The Biggest Myth About It

Your life purpose is hugely important. But what is perhaps the most common misconception, the biggest myth about life purpose. Don’t let this stop you in your tracks. Watch the short video below.

Without your life purpose you…

feel lost
are confused
get off track
are slowly dying

With Your life purpose you…

have direction
feel confident
stay on track
feel alive and energized

Would you like to learn more about Discovering Your Purpose? Check out our “Discover Your Purpose” mini training here.

What is my life purpose question - handwriting on colorful sticky noteslearnmore01-1

How to Build Your Self Confidence

How do you build your self confidence? What are the key ingredients you must evaluate and improve where needed?


man-atop-worldThis short video explores five key ingredients to check for your self confidence. To learn more see our Confidence Building Tool  Kit Telecourse.

The 3-part teleseries includes the Confidence Quiz handout with five more qualities, in addition to those described on the video.

Find out more about the telecourse tool kit for building self confidence…

What is Holistic Learning?

I see it. I hear it. I touch it.

That’s how we learn, by using our senses. The more you can use all your senses, the better the learning, as research confirms. We also each have a preferred way of learning.

Using a multi-sensory approach — namely, visual, auditory, kinesthetic (sensing), and even tasting and smelling — is how we experience holistic learning.  Also realize that we learn from our external senses and our internal ones.

Arguably, our inner senses are vaster and more powerful. Even though the outer world holds endless wonders, our imagination offers far more.

color-wheel-bigThe boundaries of our imagination surpass any external structure, which we can see, hear or touch. It’s hard to see the pink elephant in the room, except in our imagination.

We can “see” an endless array of images in our minds. Regarding hearing, Beethoven wrote his 9th Symphony, his crowning work, after he became deaf.

And the range of our feelings span from fear and despair to love and hope, and so much more…


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